Portland WordPress User Group LogoLast night I attended the WordPress Users Group in Portland. Had a great time meeting people with a similar interest. It was amazing to see such a great turn out of experts to novices and everyone in between. I fit somewhere in the middle as web designer and had some good commonality among my peers.

Here are some thoughts about the WordPress User Group Meetup. It was informal last night which is very Portland. In fact, Portland is so casual that sometimes conferences are unconferences. Which I guess that is what Wordcamp Portland will be and am seriously considering going. We had a few announcements and then broke out to three groups. I joined the intermediate web designer group. Although I do marketing I also love the field of design. So we covered:

1) Covered simple themes to build off
2) Talked about website layout for a freemium site one attendee had
3) I had a question about developing off of 2011 Theme since I work primarily on Twenty Ten
4) Talked about website backup and caching
5) Talked a little bit about custom post types and where to find resources

Although it was informal I still had a good time and will go again. If you plan to be there and want to meetup feel free to contact me. I look forward to the future gatherings of WordPress Portland.