Every time you provide a service or sell a product to a customer it is on trial. This is often the post purchase conflict that a consumer has after the purchase. Often times a customer will evaluate the purchase after the fact and more so the higher the price. Your customers have specific expectations about how something/someone will perform. This is where you can help your customers be happy with the service or product. This is a quick guide to help you develop a follow up program that can help fix a negative review before it happens and gain customer reviews for those who are already happy.

The importance of reviews have an SEO impact whether from ranking to click through rate.. From a local SEO perspective search engines are using reviews and the velocity of those reviews as a measure for position. Timely relevant information is taken by each and every review. All though this is minor, every little part in the SEO equation will help your business move up in search engine rankings and gain more business. Reviews also impact conversion. When you do you a search are you more likely to buy with reviews or no reviews? So enable your customers to review. Helping them do so and they will sell your products and services.

The 80/20 rule for reviews. In business there is this idea or rule that 80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers. By leveraging the customers you already have and asking them to review you are the best people who are most familiar with your brand, products, and services. This really is the quickest and easiest opportunity to gain valuable reviews.

– Ask for a review. The moment you do work or sell the product you can ask for a review. Many large corporations do this as way to gauge their customer service. If you don’t get it right away you can follow up with a phone call or email that encourages the buyer to do so. Having a card that helps your customer do this and hand it to them as you leave might be a good way to give them a tangible with an intangible request.

-Email your customers. This goes back to asking for the review. People are more likely to write a review within a short time or instantly from their experience. The power and benefit of this is to give them a reminder. People don’t want to be made to think so by reminding them through an email with a link to your preferred review site they are more likely to follow through on your request.

-Include a place to review on an invoice or receipt. This is kind of a less proactive approach but it still can help you get those needed reviews. Although you are less likely to get a review through this method it still can have a positive effect.

– Include a QR code that links to a review page on business collateral. If you have a business location you can use QR codes to help your customers make reviews. These codes allow your customers to interact with the product or services as they experience it. All they do is scan it with a mobile device (phone) and then are taken to the review. Just tell them where they will end up when they scan it. This also can be on a side of a van, in a restaurant like a menu, or on a product box. The places you can use this are only restricted to your imagination.

-Link from your website to your review sites. Adding a link from your website can give the opportunity for your customers to get engaged and review your content. In many ways as possible you are asking for reviews and allowing people to review. People will look at your content and business and assess whether they want to do business with you. Nothing helps the decision process better if you help them make that decision through other people talking about it.

– Reviews can take many forms. Some reviews are written on paper while others are online. To broaden the reach you can use Google, Yelp, Yahoo, and Bing for your online reviews. But many stores allow you to share your purchase on things like Facebook and Twitter. So don’t limit the way the reviews can take place. You never know what will come of a review.

How do you get reviews from your customers? If you have ideas or thoughts about this topic we would love to know.