Instagram, a mobile sharing site of Facebook, recently announced that its pages were becoming public. Facebook has historically changed privacy policies much to the distaste of its users. Yet it hasn’t kept the billion+ users from returning to its site on a regular basis. Whether you agree with the privacy setting or not it seems that your opportunity to use it for search marketing just might be worth the time. The win goes to the businesses that are already using the photo sharing site at perhaps the expense of those who prefer their privacy. Here are some thoughts on using Instagram for online reputation management.

Instagram in the image space also wins compared to its competitors. After a few days you can see that Instagram is out performing Pinterest but this could be attributed to Instagram being easier to update. From a reputation management position you can see the effect that you could have by using the this site regularly. Below is a list of images 3 out of the 4 images below are Instagram photos. It seems that anyone who uses photos extensively needs to consider this as part of their sharing platform.

Instagram touts examples like @mycookingdiary which has regular updates of photos. It seems only after a few days that brands that have been using it consistently show up in search results. The results that Instagram use seem a little better for some companies that use both Twitter and image sharing site. Although this may not be the case but it is interesting to note that it is just under the branded domain name.

Getting started right now takes a mobile device but I wouldn’t be surprised that in the near future you can expect to be able to setup an account through your desktop. In setting up your profile be sure to include a link and update it regular. Search engines love content so be sure include information about the photo. We setup an account 2 days ago and we will let you know how long it took to get listed. We’ve provided a link in hopes that this will speed up things. We will see.

One thing we are going to test for is whether naming conventions impact in search results. The problem with some mobile devices like the iPhone is that it doesn’t give you the ease of managing your photo file names and the photo sharing site is all about mobile. That is why we have desktop computers also but this is one step that makes it just a little more time consuming. If you are interested in connecting with us Instagram check out our stream at to watch our photo stream.

What are your thoughts on the social sharing site? Do you think it is worth the time to invest? Have you had any particular success using the social platform?