Microdata also called rich snippets has become a major part of the digital space. One particular formatting is called authorship driven mostly by Google. This actually has been around for some time and is incredibly easy to implement. What authorship gives is a blogger/writer the opportunity to claim the content written by the author. So if a website has the markup as signal the content is attributed by search engine attributes to that individual.

The benefits that comes from authorship help drive traffic and conversion. How this helps is say your article is good but you don’t have the kind of traffic that would necessarily gain links and even social media mentions that a larger more established site or author would. One so called reader takes your content and with little or no mention publishes your content and gains the links and social mentions you had hoped for. With authorship included on your website a search engines may decide that your site was the first to publish and therefore the authority on the subject. You then may have the links and the social media mentions that the content stolen from you. The other benefit is if you have authorship people are more likely to click on your content. As the image shown above you might be more likely to click on that content of you site. This is in some way a part that should be considered in search engine optimization.

If you plan on blogging you should include authorship to help improve the visibility of your content. Here is how to implement Authorship

Authorship is incredibly easy to get. Here is what you need.
1) Create a Google+ page. You want to have a photo of you that will show up in Google search results. (You kids photo is probably not what you want.
2) Claim the blog or content that is yours. You do this by using an email that is domain related and confirming that you have access to that domain with you email. This would be something like yourname[at]domain[.]com

You can also claim the content by adding your Google+ profile on your domain. It looks something like this.
<a href=”[profile_url]?rel=author”>Google</a>

Google gives you a step by step guide on how to implement authorship. Read it hear.

So if you plan on blogging to drive traffic then it is important to add authorship. It can help drive traffic to your site and even give links. Give it a try and let us know how it is working for you.