Small business is a battle. A battle to survive, to win, to get customers. In an age where customers are easily distracted, creating engagement can be difficult. As a way to help you, we want give a list of ideas to help your company become a little more social with content ideas. Not every business can fit these ideas into their content creation. But if you are regularly developing content and thinking of ways to engage your customers than this can help you attract customers and improve your search engine rank.

  1. Create a daily list and share it online daily
  2. Ask interesting questions that help your customers get engaged
  3. Answer questions
  4. Share an interesting fact about your company, product, service
  5. Tell important information about company (owners, employees, customers, start, changes, new offerings)
  6. Talk about products that you carry
  7. Create a photo contest with your product that you have
  8. Share photos from your company that you take (preferably weekly or daily)
  9. Share special interests, non profits
  10. Participate in a non profit and get involved
  11. Different uses for products or unknown facts
  12. Create events for people to come and enjoy
  13. Create a poll to find what things people are interested in
  14. Create meetup groups that people can come to
  15. Take some videos of your store, employees, work
  16. Get personal and share what’s happening throughout the day
  17. Create a daily quote for people to think about
  18. Suggest books
  19. Write a blog with industry related content
  20. Highlight specific customers
  21. Ask for reviews of your company
  22. Do a give away
  23. Sponsor events
  24. Distribute information through email
  25. Give jokes
  26. Shoot some videos
  27. Talk about businesses, people, and ideas you like
  28. Post quotes
  29. Provide How-to’s
  30. Creating an App that people might use
  31. Develop a game for customers
  32. Create a white paper for people to download
  33. Offer free downloads of items on your site
  34. Target influential users and offer them something free to try (they might blog about it)

This isn’t the end all in content ideas. I hope to offer other ideas to help you business think a little outside the box. Do you have any ideas that might help customers to engage?