Honan Signs Old WebsiteHonan Signs Old Website
Web design is always an interest to us and it helps when we get a client who needs it. Honan Signs and Graphics in Salem, Oregon came to us with a need to get found online. The company used a click and drag WYSIWYG website service which can work but often lacks some of the technical sides of web design and development. We redesigned Honan Signs and Graphics to create a compelling site that is easier to navigate.

We also were hired for search engine optimization. Several projects in the website build was to fix url names, naming conventions of photos, add H1 tags, and include anchor text which were missing do to the editor. We also added micro formatting to the site for local SEO and mobile. In addition, we are building links and improving local SEO with consistent content within all the search engines.

For the slow time of year Honan Signs and Graphics is poised to make a profitable presence online.