Web Analytics & Measurement

Web Analytics Graph
Every dollar counts for a small business and as an owner you want to know that your marketing dollars are working. Web analytics can help you gain valuable information about your marketing efforts. Unlike phone books, measurement is easy and allows you track a wide variety of marketing efforts online.

What kind of business decisions could you make if you knew:

  • How many people came to your website?
  • What they were doing on your site?
  • What ads were being viewed?
  • What the ROI is on your marketing?
  • How much money you were making per visitor?
  • Whether one type of web page performs better than another?

Web measurement helps your business answers these questions. You could make smarter business decisions, create or offer new products, and make more money. Measuring your presence online with analytics software will help your company perform better online. Let Emprise Media help you track your presence online today.