Email Marketing

Email marketing is a useful tool to help grow your relationship with customers. The cost is affordable which gives you a greater return for every customer. As your marketing department, we will help you every step of the way. We give a great platform, help grow your email list, design content, and give you reporting for every campaign. You even have the option to manage your own email campaigns or have us design and implement them. Pay as you go or pay a monthly fee for as many emails as you want. Let us get your email marketing up, running, and profitable.

Managing Your Email Campaigns

Deciding to manage your email campaigns or have us do it depends on a number of factors. Do you have the time and resources to manage emails or not? Do you need help designing and creating the content? Answering these questions will help to determine our involvement in your marketing plans.

Measuring Your Email Campaigns

When you send your emails you can measure the success of each campaing. You can see how many emails were opened, how many people clicked through to your website, and the number of people who bought your product or service. You can get it all on your own or have us deliver the results of your campaign.

Employing us to deliver your email campaigns is easy. Let us help you change your customers into repeat customers.