If you live in the Portland and want to blog, are blogging, or are developer than the WordPress users group just might be the right group for you. Personally I love it. Last night was Demo Night at WordPress. The organizers requested people to present on projects and uses of WordPress from the Porland community. This is a brief overview of the demos presented.

Paleo Plan. briefly covered it’s start and some of the plugins they use. Grew business for an experiment into a productive community. View Site.
Plugins Covered

  • bbPress For forums
  • Suma Plugin
  • hellobar I personally thought that this was a good plugin. Definitely am going to need to look at this one in a little more detail. Basically on first visit this plugin pops down with some sort of call to action.

Jeremy Felt from 10up
Website Development firm covers use of WordPress for a client. Talks about how WordPress functionality and flexibility allows them to develop custom websites.

Kurt Mottweiler Studio
Covered mostly his use of image plugins for his theme and an aim for a clean design.
Mentioned Simple Lightbox for image editing. View site.

Michael Fields
Covered a new starter theme at github called Underscores or _s. Theme is meant to be hacked, tweeked, and redesigned. If you are interested in using it and making modifications you can download it here.

Eric Mann
Encourages users of WordPress to contribute to the core. Any from writers, coders, and designers are able to make edits to WordPress.org. Also covers some of his plugins and encourages others to contribute as well. See his contributions.

Portland Afoot Covered
Launched website with WordPress and covered its use as a Wiki.

Howling Dog Themes
Demoed the framework with a new theme design in under 5 minutes. Didn’t actually make their suggested redesign time but was interesting. Great demonstration on how their framework allows non designers or technical wizards to easily change the look and feel of a website running on their framework in no time. See their framework.

Sara Tetreault spoke on how she got into WordPress. Discussed her beginning and where she is at now with WordPress. My take away from this mommy blogger is that WordPress is easy enough for people to learn. See her site.