The other day I posted a topic on ThingLink and how it might help conversion. The social media site allows users to add images and add interactivity to the page. In addition, they have easy share buttons for users to post on other sites like Pinterest. One issue I came across was that if I posted a blog on other social media sites that the image actually wouldn’t appear in the search results. This is, in part, is due to the interactive image being hosted off of my website. I am sure that there might be some that have had the same problem. Here is the problem with a simple fix I came up with.

The problem lies in that these social media sites like Google+, Facebook, and Pinterest are all looking for images. ThingLink needs to use a script in order to make the image interactive even though the source code has the image tag in it when you embed the image. So when a social media site goes to grab the image it doesn’t find it. So now you are left with a missing image when you got post it to your social profiles. Here is the solution: Add a background image to the interactive image. Now you have an image as the base so that it isn’t missing.

Here is what it would look like:

<img style="background-image: url('');background-repeat:none; src=""

Now you have an image that your social media sites can find and post. In short, disaster averted and your sites graphically beautiful again.