Learning SEO has been one of the most fun and difficult things that I have done. What makes it both fun and fun is that search engines are continually evolving and updating their algorithms. So I would like to simply share what I have found useful in learning.

Read, Read, and Read. One aspect of search engine optimization is that everyone is sharing advice. Blogs, community sites or forums, and even books are great place for resources. The problem with some resources is that sometimes date matters. The older it is the less valuable the information. It still might be applicable but old content you just want to take with a grain of salt. Books can also be a negative part SEO. Because the content takes time to write, edit, and publish it can become out dated. But don’t let that keep you from writing.

Try it. The best place to learn is to try it. Now it isn’t likely that you can get someone to hire you for SEO work if you haven’t done it. So if you are looking to get into the field and haven’t actually worked on it or don’t have the luxury of interning then experimenting is the way to go. It isn’t likely that you are going to destroy your site with your experiments.

Get an education. Taking classes through a school can be a great way to learn. If the instructor is a professional in the field it often gives you a structure for common practices which allows you a jump start over certain hurdles. And often they will give you advice. Yes it can be costly but if you are serious about it then spend the money it is worth your time.

Join. The value in communities is that they have events and networking. Build a relationship and you might find that they can be helpful. Joining industry events, associations, and groups can help you learn and become more proficient in search marketing.

Share. Write about what you are learning and ask questions. You might find that others will share with you on your journey.

Are there any things you would suggest people use to learn SEO? How did you get into the SEO industry?