Flash website can be visually stunning. Graphic designers often are proponents of these sites due to the friendliness from design concept to implementation. However, creating a flash site has its down side. They are not search engine friendly and therefore you should not want one.

There are three reasons that you might want a flash website.

First, you just don’t know that flash websites aren’t search engine friendly so you heeded the voice of a designer. Second is you are such a large brand that SEO is not a large enough motivator to keep the site in a readable format for search engines. The third and final reason is that you are a designer and would rather showcase your flash and artistic skills.

Search engines don’t index content created in flash

Although it is true that Adobe and Google are working together to get this information search friendly, there still isn’t a clear solution for those who do have flash websites. So I looked at a website that is coded completely in flash. If you look at the code of a website in flash you will notice that there is no readable content which is the way search engines read it. If your site is programmed completely in Flash you are left with a few options to optimize your site.

  • URL naming/Directories
  • Title Tags
  • Meta Description
  • Meta Keywords
  • Site Map

Which really only leaves you a few option in optimizing your site which is mostly in the header. The areas missing that are major important SEO factors is content, H1 tags (header 1 tag), and anchor text (link text). With these missing it is a bigger challenge to get your site listed in keywords you want.

Google’s Instant View Does Not Give a Friendly View

Google Search Preview Does Not Show Flash
Here is a simple view of a large national brands website. Although most customers may not care from such a large brand , smaller less recognized companies may find their click through rates drop because of flash. For your customers sake it would only makes sense to change your flash site to something more search friendly.


Flash sites are not search engine friendly. By building a website in flash you remove key factors that search engines use to rank your site. Google search does not render a friendly view of your website in its preview. Although this might change at the moment it renders it the same way a cached site might look. Two suggestions in regard to flash websites 1) remove flash all together or 2)don’t get a flash site.

What problems do you see flash site causing? Are you an ardent supporter of flash website and want to defend them? Post your comments here.