Truly content is still king. It really has just taken on a new face of late. Freshness. SEO keywords and good content go along way when it comes to relevancy. But when was the last time you updated your site? SEO is not create it and leave it any longer. It is now create it and then create again.

Freshness helps your SEO efforts. Think about news. No one wants old news. In fact, we want breaking news and that is why news stations are always “breaking” it. But when it comes to search optimization of your website it matters to get your content up frequently.

Three Areas Where Your Fresh Content Helps in Search Results

1) Fresh content to appear in search with different parameters. If you didn’t know search has silos. You can search within images, videos, blogs, hours, and dates. The more frequently you create or update your content the more often Google will visit your site. In addition, Google will index your content with the how recent your content and give it other parameters like blogs or places.

2) Fresh content with the long tail in mind.. The depth of your content and variety will help you show up in more results. Google says that 20% of searches are new searches which have not been performed before. That is a lot of keywords that you might be able to capture.

3) Creating trust with fresh content. This is a great way to show that your company is current on the issues that revolve around your business. The more knowledgeable you are around the topic the more trust that will gain from your current and potential customers.

So try to keep it fresh. Creating new content is hard but if you get good at it will reap rewards in search engines. Are there other ways you have seen fresh content impact results?