Facebook has recently announced its focus on bringing a search engine to it’s social network of online properties. It really is unclear as to what will matter when it comes to doing seo and internet marketing for small business. A study polling a small amount of the 900+ million users says that Facebook could pull about 25% of the search traffic. Really it is hard to say since people do entirely different things on Google and Facebook. With such a large base it is likely that Facebook will get a following. Here are some thoughts that might help you prepare for the upcoming search engine.

1) Create A Facebook Fan Page

Claiming your site will help in authenticating your business with Facebook. You already can create a page and claim a local business listing on Facebook. Facebook might also have freshness algorithm like Google+. Getting consistent now will help you get listed when the search engine launches. This likewise would be a part of what effects listing in the Facebook search results.

2) Using the Open Graph

If you haven’t heard of the Open Graph it is what Facebook along with other social and search sites are using to index information. The Open Graph gives data on everything from products, people, blogs and reviews and displays it in an html format that makes it easier for search engines and social media sites to know what it is about. They look at both the content along with these structured data points to help determine connections and relevancy between information. Including this data on your website so that Facebook can grab your website information and relate it to your business. The benefit now is that most search engines are already grabbing this data.

3) Acquiring Likes

Sharing has become more of a trust signal for search engines. From likes to shares and everything in between these have become another link factor and might replace links in the future. Getting your customers to like your information will definitely be a part of the search algorithm. If Google+ is any indicator that people using the plus page have a better ranking in search results then we likely will see the Like button of Facebook having an impact on the new search engine. It’s almost like we will get addicted to using the button. After all, everyone will be doing it.

What are you thoughts? Have some ideas you want to share. Let us know and we will post them.