Branding is simply an interest of ours. And recently we were creating some collateral for Emprise. In the process, we came up with few changes to the logo. Although attempts at changing a brand can be costly (GAP). Yet it can have lasting effects that help promote your brand and make memorable.

At first we launched our brand with a gray element to the logo. Yet we decided during some development that a yellow would help the image pop a little further. We also decided that this aids in an appearance of a flower design. The image expresses growth and optimism and makes it a bit more memorable.

Another aspect of our logo was the font style. Although we liked the bold stylistic version we felt that this fresh design would help with a more sophisticated look. The former logo also had the word media in green which was hard to read with the font style. With a clean thin style it is easier to read than before.

The final element was removing the blue man. Originally he was added to represent small business winning through Emprise Media’s help. Although we liked the running man we felt that the design made the logo a little cluttered. Perhaps we will continue to use the guy for other elements of our marketing but it is time to say goodbye to the little blue guy.

Branding is a useful tool. Some small and especially large brands are good at developing their brands. We also want to create a memorable brand for small business marketing. We haven’t arrived but we hope to one day.

Let us know what you think of our new logo.