Emprise Media Business Card Emprise Media Business Card Back

Finally designed our business cards. It has been to far down on the list of things to do. After attending the WordPress Users Group I thought I should get it done. Especially when you have people asking for your card and you don’t have one. I guess without a business card people may not think of me as serious. So serious here I come.

Some reasoning behind the features. A QR code for quick contact infomation. Maybe everyone doesn’t need my card but may want my info. Even if I am down to one I can encourage people to scan the code and still get the information.

Branding. Really the logo is used multiple times through out business card. I want it to be remembered. Describing my services in some form or fashion is useful and should help people to know what it is I do.

I don’t tell people much that I do some business branding like logos and marketing collateral (business cards and brochures). Even so here is our designs and excited to get them finished. Now off to printing.