Building a website is both technical and art inspired. On one side you have code that needs to function while on the other design to attract and convert customers. Recently I inherited a website (a new client) that has an old out of date site. Upon working on the page I found a frames built website. Not complaining, just commenting. So it got me thinking about what is helpful even within your own web business.

1) Designing understandable comments/naming conventions. This is really what drives me to write this post. I came across a class that was defined as tinyreverse. What is that? It was written for table that had a black background. I would have preferred it to describe the table that was being used. I guess sometimes that is the case of inheritances right. Sometimes it is just better to let it burn and start from scratch, especially if you inherit a hoarders home.

2) Websites with a CMS. Really the whole frames things was to help reduce the work of a website. A CMS helps you create content without effecting layout, graphics, and design features of a website. It allows for the non techie to create a page without messing up the look of their website. Why duplicate the design if all you want is to add content?

3) Scalabilty. Really I need not say more. This is good if you want to learn to do your own work on the site. That is if you your web company folds or you higher someone it can be handed off to the next person. There might motivation to move your web development in house if your company is successful.

4) Avoid drag and drop solutions. This can be good if you don’t know how to code, design, or want good visits. I’ve worked in some sites that were this way and I have to tell you that it isn’t pretty. Especially when the footer can’t be made global or certain SEO basics are missing. I guess sometimes you get what you pay for.