I played basketball growing up and still enjoy a few pick up games. I’ve also had the privilege of coaching a basketball team. One thing I learned from playing and coaching is that a well prepared team often wins. Playbooks are often created to help teams know the ins and outs and what each person needs to do. Football especially is known for the complex playbooks to the tune of hundreds of plays. Developing strategies to get visibility takes time. Here is a simple tip to building a strategy in getting your business visible in search engines.

Targeting you search strategy can actually be easy. The difficulty really is figuring out what works for your business and creating content worth sharing. First take a look at Google. Google has search funnels that it delivers content across the web. If you consider getting your business in all or as many of these channels as possible it can help you gain valuable traffic.

Web (This can be a variety of content from blogs, images, video) The content that shows up in this search is what Google has determined to be the most relevant search results. The most common item here is the content of your website. Targeting keywords and writing content can help you become more visible in search engines. If you are in a hurry you can also use Adwords to show up in targeted search verticals.

Images Undoubtedly images can drive a lot of traffic. This can be a good place to also target distribution. People like to look at pictures and providing images can help you get attention and even conversion. I had a vinyl wraps client for a time that would get a good amount of visitors because of a particular photograph posted on his website.

Maps is nearly synonymous with local search or Google Places. The column also links into Google Earth with the content that it posts. Claiming your Google Places listing is worth the effort especially if you get visibility within your search results. Another alternative way to get traffic is to use paid ads which would appear in the Maps section.

Shopping allows for products to appear. Specifically this column can support your products if you’ve worked on using their xml service or upload a csv to their site. In order to get in there you need to go to Google’s merchant center which is also known as Google Base. This allows your products to appear in search results under the shopping engine.

Blogs are an obvious place to get your information indexed in. This doesn’t have to be only on your self hosted blog but can also be done through other blogging platforms. The danger is in developing content in multiple places that is identical is that you may lose some of the oomph that comes from a single source. One way to overcome this is by including your Author rel tag on your website so that the search engines know this is your first place of content.

Videos can be an extremely important matter in getting your business listed. Keep in mind that Youtube is the second largest search engine. So distributing and targeting content in the video feed can help you with your results. Don’t forget to add links back to your site and name your source files the titles of your videos for SEO purposes. These can help improve both the visibility of your videos as well as views.

News section can be a hard thing to get. The most difficult thing to do is create news worthy content. By making headlines search friendly and adding content, Google can give you an added boost to your search traffic and as a result convert customers who might be looking for your products or services.

Places is part of the Local Plus which you can register your business through Google+. This distributes also to the Google Maps api as well as Google Earth. Updating this content and keeping it current is part of developing a local search campaign.

Discussions has been often and on with Google. In part because of what types of restrictions social media sites allow the search engine to index content. One thing is certain right now is that it is indexing for groups, forums, and other social sites. Finding places to engage in these areas may take time but can be worth the effort.

By focusing on these channels you can get traffic from both Google and from the other sites you need to engage in to show up in those channels. This is nearly a double win for you. What are some unique ways that you targeted a particular set of results to get search engine ranking?