Do you have a blog? Ever sit there and just stare at the screen dreading what to write about? Content creation should be an essential part to developing your company online. After all you want to get new customers and visitors. Writers block is probably the most common issues to writing apart form just being poor at it. Here I want to highlight a few things you can do to help you generate ideas for you blog.

1) If you are mediocre writer then write everyday. Developing that habit of writing is the first step to creating great content. I’ve heard it said by writers that if you write every day eventually you’ll improve. Even if writers block is the problem just writing something often overcomes it.

2) If you are writer whose hit the block then using other sites to help generate content is for you. Stealing content is WRONG but doing a little research can help you develop an opinion on something. Using forums, blogs, and Q&A sites can help you break through the block give your great ideas.

3) If your writing needs some suggestions then take it from search queries from your website statistics. If you have a search box on your site you should be tracking it in analytics. If you’re not then start doing it today. Searches on your site help you get the low down about what people are looking for on your site. So start mining that data and making use of it.

4) If you are a terrible writer then one thing is to write anyway and find someone to edit it. Even though it is a little bit cumbersome you still get out new content to your website. You likely know someone who will do it for you.

5) If you aren’t a great writer and aren’t likely to write something then start a photo blog. Take pictures of what you are doing and add it to your website.

6) If you are the worst writer in the world you can also set up a Google Voice account and record messages of yourself. They have a service that transcribes the information for you. You then can find someone again to edit the information.

7) If you are the worst writer in the history of man then possibly hiring someone to write for you is worth the money.

Writing can be a bear and not many people are awesome at it. Using technology to aid your content creation can be a major help to developing your web presence.