Reason #1: Email marketing extends the life time value of your customer.

This comes down to converting first time customers into repeat customers. There is a rule in marketing called the Pareto rule which states that 80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers. I would like to think that you could change those one time customers into repeat customers.

Reason #2: It is a direct source of revenue.

Both product and service companies can use email to promote and gain new sales. Ecommerce companies use this quite frequently as they use it to promote products. Even if you don’t have a product offering packages to promote and gain addition sales can help your profitability. This can help companies that are cyclical spreading the famine times further and fewer between.

Reason #3: Email Marketing is affordable.

The cost in obtaining a list (your customers) is free. Every time you get a new customer collect their email. Distributing it to your customer is inexpensive as you do not need to pay for the high cost of postage. Ecommerce companies are great at this by collecting email addresses. Obviously this is easier for a business online to collect email but asking for it is easy and if someone declines then don’t push it.

Reason #4: Email is measurable.

In sending email using a client makes it easy to track the success of your emails. Email clients often have analytics which allows you to see how many people opened your emails, how many clicked through to your site, and how many purchased. As opposed to mail marketing you may not know how many people read the advertisement opposed to glancing and throwing it away. So you know that people actually saw that advertisement you sent and who engaged a little further beyond a glance.

Reason #5: Email marketing allows you to stay front of mind of your customer.

This really is branding that you can do to keep your customer remembering you for your product or service. Sending helpful information and promotions are all part of the mix but keeping your customer remembering you is so important. That is why scheduled emails can help your company stay in the forefront of your customers mind.

Reason #6: Email Marketing is personal.

Communicating with you customers is an important aspect of any business. It is easier with social media but email can have that personal touch with your customers. Updating people with helpful information, key things happening in your business, or a thanks to customers for their loyalty to your company can have a positive impact on your customers. Realtors can be a great example of this as I have seen many use emails for thank you messages, birthday, and Christmas greetings.


There are a variety of reasons to use email marketing. The top of list in using email is to generate new income for your business. Take full advantage of a resource that large companies utilize and put it into practice with your small business. In what ways do you use email? Are there particular successes you have found?