vineTwitter bought Vine a app used to create short videos. The social media/micro bloggging added the ability to share a short 6 sec video with ease. It is the 140 characters of video sharing. But in this case if you can shoot a 24-30 frames per second then you get a whole lot more characters in a single slice. What is interesting is that many brands have already begun to capture six second slices to promote their brands. Here is some thoughts on where brands will take twitter with social media marketing.

1) The new vine app will help promote brands. Within the short announcement of this we see companies already using the app to promote their company. Urban Outfitters were showing videos of dog which was more about getting attention of the brand than promoting it’s products.

2) Vine will help brands promote products. It is undoubtedly that videos have helped businesses promote their products. The internet removes the tactile part of buying then video is the next best thing. The video sharing of short clips of your product could allow brands to show their products to customers. Couple this with the ease of Twitter’s ability to share the product then we have short six second videos embedded on a product pages. Just one way to help convert customers.

3) Companies are able to share experience. Travel companies, restaurants, and hotels could show unique features of their business in an easy short video. Like products, show casing locations and services allow customers to engage with a brand a little further and experience their company better.

4) Some other thoughts brands might be able to give step-by-step guides for cooking, helping customers share reviews in short 6 second increments, or even create mini episodes. It’s likely the service will expand beyond to six seconds.

5) Vine might help in the future with search engine rank. Twitter already allows Google to index the site and the more use of it’s feature the more likely search engines will index the content. It will more than likely appear in the columns that we see like video. Expect this to be just one more thing to help with reputation management.

Twitter has been useful for brands to promote their company with coupons, discounts, and public announcements. Now with the launch of its recently acquired video sharing app it is likely to broaden the use of companies to promote products, services and experiences. We look forward to seeing how people and brands are using the service.

How are you using Vine for you business? Share with us we would love to know.