5 Keys to Reputation Management
Part of internet marketing is all about creating content across multiple channels. As brand it is inevitable that you not only claim your on as many sites that matter yet it is best to protect your brand by claiming them all. This is in part called reputation management. Here we will discuss some tips on managing your reputation.

First, begin by standing for something in your business. Is it quality, customer service, or a guarantee that differentiates you from the competition? If your brand has some quality that is worth creating a reputation around the other parts fall into place. By delivering quality service or product it then becomes much easier to manage your reputation.

Second, create the expectation. Now that you have some quality products or services you can start delivering that promise to you customers. By providing that X factor to your customer so that they know what to expect then it is easier to help protect the brand. Steve Jobs was in part famous by asking if it was the best work someone could deliver. If it wasn’t then it wasn’t good enough.

Third, ask for reviews. This is where the rubber meets the road and simply terrifies business. The reason is that it scares businesses is because it is harder to manage the brand especially when there are negative reviews. However, if you are asking for reviews before then negative reviews come it is much easier to defend your brand when it happens.

Fourth, respond and sympathize with the customer. No one, not even you, likes it when you spent money and you got something you didn’t expect. That is why you can apologize if you’ve fallen short of the expectation. Stay short of becoming upset with the customer. Even if you haven’t wronged them. Be clear and concise about your business. If there is indeed a problem it is the perfect chance to convert them into a valued customer.

Fifth, online marketing to manage listings. If you haven’t been good at this it isn’t to late to get started. It takes time and effort but to create brand loyal customers takes energy and time. Creating online profiles, interacting with customers on places like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and even online directories can help you business succeed and reduce the problems that might be associated with negative reviews. Being proactive and managing this can turn negative consumers into positive ones. Here is a list of things to keep yourself proactive.

Ask for reviews. You can do this by business card, email, in spot or phone call. By staying in touch with your customer you can find out how they viewed your service and find ways to improve it.
Watch for those reviews and respond. By taking a little time to see what people are saying and responding will tell people you care.
Proactively find ways to manage your listings. The more you spend working on your brands image the better your reputation will be.
There are all kinds of things that you can do to improve and manage your reputation. Probably the most important is to manage it. By not saying anything we say a lot by silence. Help your customers by giving them a voice and reinforcing your commitment to your customers by listening and responding.