Search Engine Optimization

Emprise Media’s main goal is to get your website found. One way we market your company is through search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is the use of content and website code to improve where your customers find your business.

Our first step in search engine optimization is content Optimization. We start by researching trends in search engines with words that matter to your business (also known as keywords). An example of a keyword might be ‘auto repair shop’. Once we find keywords that match your needs we then make changes to your content to reflect our research. By making these changes to your website you will gain more visibility and ultimately more customers.

The second stage in our search engine optimization is taking care of technical issues that might keep your website from being found. Common issues like duplicate site content, poor site architecture, and programming issues can prevent a site from being search engine friendly. So we look to insure that your site isn’t keeping you from gaining better visibility in search engines.

Search engine optimization is a long term approach to getting a website visible to your customers. Search engines, your competition, and customers needs are always changing and thus a website should always be improving to match the changing business. By hiring Emprise Media you get a company focused on current search engine trends, defending your position against competition, and improving your customer base. Hire us and get your site optimized today!

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