QR Code ImageQR Codes are similar to bar codes but able to hold 50 times the information and able to disseminate information more rapidly. A phone equipped with an application to read these codes allows the user to find out more information. Here are a few ideas to get your business implementing them in a beneficial way.

  • QR Codes for Reviews. Restaurants and Hotels could use these codes not simply on the entrance of their location but also in the comment cards, on something within the room. Placing a QR code on comment cards so that customers can easily review your company on Google Maps.
  • QR Codes for Networking. I think this is could be useful when you hand out your business card. Most business cards are taken and forgotten. Including a QR Code on your business card so that it is easier for people to find your business. If they use the QR code they can easily pull up that information later. Also most people carry their phone and not your business card.
  • QR Codes for Small Businesses On The Go. Many small businesses that I know really wouldn’t think to use this. In part because where would you have person look at your information. If you are service company and you leave behind materials like a brochure, estimate, magnets (post service). or invoice then this is the perfect place to consider them. This allows the customer the opportunity to learn more about your company and leave review.
  • QR Codes for Drivers. In this scenario a driver could have the QR Code listed so that even if you are busy at the moment you can save the information and rate the driver later. The only problem with this is the danger of using phones while driving.
  • Using QR codes for Print and Display Advertising. Placing your QR code in ads can help to give out you information. Including discounts and other important information for people who need this information.

QR codes are useful for sharing information. There are great many ways small businesses could use QR codes including reviews, networking, and service. Perhaps you have a few ideas about using QR codes. Do you see people and businesses adopting it or just something that will pass in time?