Google Plus Image
Google seems to finally have a hit in the social game. The search giant created Google+ in a beta version and has had a great success with with an estimated count of 10 million users and estimates to be at 20 million by the end of the week. According to the Google+ Admin you can follow user growth with the search query shown in the image below. Although I can’t seem to get the 10 million users mentioned in the link above but it is close.

Google Plus User Results

This isn’t Google’s first attempt at the social game. They made several attempts when they purchased Orkut, later created Buzz (which hasn’t done as well due to privacy issues), and entered talks with Twitter about a potential purchase that failed. Now with Google+ it seems that businesses are clamoring to for a business side of the new social network. 

Google plus announced a beta version for companies looking to use Google plus for business. You can register online through the Google Docs site. You better hurry because the deadline is July 15 at 6pm. This does raise some interest on my part to see what kind of features the program will have. I have few ideas of what kind of things we will see with the business features of Google Plus.

1) Google Plus will have some similarities to Facebook’s business. This is likely a page that allows businesses to post content right within the social network.
2) I also think that businesses side will have integration within other business advertising features. The integration will likely make it easy to do Adwords advertising, Places, and promotions within Google Offers.
3) Analytics will likely be a part of mix giving information about +1 not only within the social site but also across the internet related to the business.

I do have to say this is all conjecture but Google is good about integrating products. I guess we will have to wait and see in the months to come what rolls out of Google Plus for businesses. If you get an account feel free to share with us what you find.