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Derek Hanson is a digital strategist and founder of Emprise Media, a digital web design and internet marketing firm. You can connect with him on Google+, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Thoughts About the Mighty Nudge

Tuesday I attended SEMPDX’s talk given by Rand Fishkin title the “Mighty Nudge.” Rand’s presentation gave some credit to a book called Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Hapiness. Rand’s delivery focused on marketers making those subtle nudges that … Continue reading

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Notes From SEMPDX Presentation the Mighty Nudge

Tuesday Night I attended SEMPDX event on the Mighty Nudge by Rand Fishkin of Moz. Since I find that sometimes slides aren’t always apparent (kind of like the joke that you didn’t get because you had to be their) I’ve … Continue reading

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Remembering 911 A Web Designer Memorial Background

As a web designer I am often looking to improve my skills. I found this great site covering CSS backgrounds which is implemented in the the flag like image above. I came across this creative site highlighting background type images … Continue reading

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Twitter Cards for Social Business

The social web is ever morphing and SEO with it. Recently, Twitter has allowed users to claim their websites and their content with Twitter Cards. A Twitter Card allows users to add additional functionality to tweets. How do you do … Continue reading

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A Guide to Using Photos for Social and SEO

Images are easy to consume in an 8 second culture. That’s right, 8 seconds. It only takes a second to consume an image which makes it social gold. The fact is that images really should play a major role in … Continue reading

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Quick Solution to Social Media Sharing Images

The other day I posted a topic on ThingLink and how it might help conversion. The social media site allows users to add images and add interactivity to the page. In addition, they have easy share buttons for users to … Continue reading

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Social Media Company ThingLink Could Help Customers Convert

Since I have worked on several business website I have particular interest in web design and some graphic design. I also am interested in social media and at times gain inspiration from social sharing sites like Pinterest. Using images really … Continue reading

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A Basic Strategy to Get Visibility in Search Results

I played basketball growing up and still enjoy a few pick up games. I’ve also had the privilege of coaching a basketball team. One thing I learned from playing and coaching is that a well prepared team often wins. Playbooks … Continue reading

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The Social List of Ideas to Generate Content and Engage Customers

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Developing Personas to Better Market Your Product or Service

Marketing has all kinds of aspects to it like the 4P’s (product, price, place, & promotion). Sometimes as a small business owner you might be faced with tactics of marketing like promotion without a foundation of why you are promoting … Continue reading

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