Rich snippets are becoming an important part of Google search. We see all kinds uses for this from product images to authors. Here I want to cover how a small business might get there address to standout a little more.
image of micro format for address
This can be done in various ways but all has to do with micro formatting. Here I am going to use one provided by There are others such as the Vcard which you can also use. The code looks like this.

div itemscope itemtype="">
a href=""><--- Website goes here Emprise Media <-- Business name goes here
div class="PostalAddress"> a href="You Want to put your Google Places Address here it looks like something like this ">
span class="streetAddress">Address Goes here.
span class="addressLocality">City Goes Here, Zip Code goes here
span itemprop="telephone">Phone Number goes here

This really has a number of uses. Mobile devices can address and contact information and signifies to Google that your company site is there. There isn’t any evidence yet that microdata are impacting results but it does make you wonder if it will. My impression of it is that it stands out in search results.

How are you using the snippet. Any significant discoveries? Need help the call us or visit our local seo services to learn more.