Emprise Media is an internet marketing agencycreated to help small & medium business achieve great results. We use the internet as a tool to meet & exceed real business goals. Our specialties include:

Why is Emprise Right for your Business?

It really is EASY Sometimes it would be great to have an “Easy Button” for online marketing, now there is! Even if you don’t know anything about online marketing, we make it really easy. We’ll explain in plain English our recommendations for your company, and how they will help meet specific goals. We make sure that our clients are educated and comfortable with the strategies that we implement online. None of our programs will require on-going time-commitments from the business –we can handle everything for you. If you ever do want to get more involved, we are happy to train & transition the programs over to your management.

Integrity & Trust

Don’t let your company be duped due to your lack of expertise in the online world. We have seen small businesses get taken advantage of by marketing agencies with unethical practices. Common examples include an agency keeping a business website or domain after the contract was over, extreme over billing for simple tasks, selling non-useful or even harmful marketing services, or even bullying by phone book advertising. Emprise is built on a foundation of integrity & honesty. All of our services are clear and upfront. Never worry about hidden charges, or surprises later on down the road. We guarantee to deliver the services you expect for the price you agreed to. Period.