Chess Pawn used to show content strategyStarting a strategy in 2011 with a world that “just might end in 2012 can be daunting.” Especially when it comes to creating a content strategy for your fledgling business. Whether your goal is to get visitors and ultimately customers, become an authority, or do it for fun, to all you cat lovers out there, here is a guide to help you create a content strategy that will see you through the year.

1) Start your strategy with what you are passionate about. As I mentioned earlier if Hollywood is right, which I don’t believe they are, then do it with all that you are. No mamby-pamby enthusiasts please. You want it to be high flying, drop kick, gravity smashing awesome content creator. So whatever the topic do your best. Slam an energy drink, do some jumping jacks, listen to the Eye of the Tiger, and get inspired. Get the idea.
2) Beating the Diet. You need to have a goal. There are all kinds of things going to distract and pull you off course. So set a clear marker to know you achieved it. If you decided to lose weight but didn’t set any goals, didn’t measure your current weight, monitor your eating habits, and take actions to meet your targeted weight then how would you know you were successful? Similarly set goals that are realistic and achievable. You don’t want to get in it and bail after a month.

2) Strategy Impersonation. That is find out who your audience is or going to be. Find what they care about. If you can’t get into the mind of your viewers and what interests them, which if it is a topic of interest of you, then set aside the pen, the tool, the excel sheet and let some else do it. Otherwise stalk a few people until you figure out who your audience is. Then create an imaginative person with attributes, interests, and a name, got it Vern.

3) Give It to them good. Now that you have defined who your audience is, it is easier to give them what they want. A good knowledge of your audience can give you indicators on what they are interested in. Find out what those people want to know and maybe call a friend who might fit that profile. This also gets down to delivering. If you promise a particular topic then give it to them good.

4) A different ROI on content strategy. This is a quick question to give you two different maybe three outcomes.

  • Resources. If you don’t have the resources to acheive your goals then
  • Outsource, If so, then
  • Insource.
  • 5) Persistent & Consistent. Creating content on a regular basis is like making an agreement with your audience. They know when you are publishing and know what to look forward to. Do this by defining when you plan on creating your content. Find out if you have the resources to develop content daily, weekly, and monthly. Television is a good example of this. I remember one time when a show I liked got cancelled unannounced. It was shocking so tell people if you decide to end, move on, or finish.
    6) Calling all readers. A call to action is strategic in your content creation. You want people to take action based on your content. Inspiration without the motivating factor is simply like a wick without the dynamite. You expect the explosion and are disappointed when it doesn’t happen.
    7) Pass it along. If you leave your content at the door of your own website then you are doing yourself a big disservice. Distribute your content on channels that appear most relevant. Good content should be shared. People want a conversation so passing along your content will help people notice you and possibly establish you as an expert.

    8) Measure. Measure your success. Did you achieve your goal of # followers, users, conversations, page views, new visitors, sales. If not then go to the drawing board and figure out what went wrong. If so then see how you can leverage it. Create a series or deliver similar content. If you succeeded then you are half way to winning. Implement an analytics package like Google Analytics to help you figure this out

    9) A short list to creating content. This is not meant as an end all. It is just to help you acheive your goals. If you want to share more post it in the comments.

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  • FAQS
  • Video Blog
  • How-to
  • Resources
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  • Pictures
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  • White Papers
  • Successes
  • Drawings/Competitions
  • Creating content is challenging without a strategy. Setting goals and identifying your audience is the best way to developing great content. How do plan your content? Are there tips to getting your content distributed?